Wedding Photography at Loch Green

On the 7th of November 2015 was lisa-anne and Alexander’s big day. The girls were getting ready at Glasgow’s Blyswood hotel. The girls were very relaxed and just enjoying getting pampered by the hair and makeup girls. The shots I took of Lisa-anne were very natural, which turned out very well. The church was only 5 minutes away, but it was a nightmare trying to get parked. It was my first time that I had photographed a wedding at St Aloysius and Loch Green hotel. The church was stunning which enhanced the photographs.

While driving down to the venue it looked as if the weather was turning for the worse. By the time the couple arrived the heavens opened up, which was a shame because Loch Green is stunning. So we had to make the most of it inside the hotel.

There was very nice fireplace where I placed the bride for a couple of great shots. My creative head came into place, as it was dark I thought of putting a light outside the window, to shine through the window which lit up the bride very nicely. Over all it was a great day, with the result of some great wedding photography

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Wedding Photography Cameron house Hotel

Welcome to my blog, here you will find stories and photos of wedding I have done over many years. Have a browse though my post and If you like what you see and are on the search for a photographer for your big day, then feel free to contact me for more details on what i can do for you and your big day.

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On the 23rd of December 2015 I photographed the wedding of Natasha & Richard, they were meant to get married in Duck Bay at Loch Lomond but because of the bad weather their venue had flood damage and was moved to Cameron House hotel. The weather this year was really bad but the lucky couple ended up with not a bad day. The ceremony was in the lovely little church in Luss, which is located on the banks of Loch Lomond. This church always presents a challenge because of the low light inside the church and the now flash policy. But once you get outside the backdrop of Ben Lomond down at the loch side makes up for it.


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