Wedding photography at Dalmeny Park Hotel | SaraJane and Jamie

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Sarahjane and Jamie’s wedding at Dalmeny Park Hotel

Back in 2013 I was contacted by this lovely couple that were arranging their wedding for April 2014 at the Dalmeny Park hotel in Barrhead Glasgow. Sarah Jane was very bubbly and full of beans. She explained to me that she worked in a company called rainbow room, which was a hair dressers salon, which had shops all over Glasgow. The BBC were doing a documentary called Do or Die hair academy, which Sarah Jane was one of the top stylist over looking the young students embarking in a carrier in hairdressing. As the program progressed the producers decided to follow Sarah Jane on her wedding day.

I am not sure who was more excited me or her, Tv!  going to be on Tv. When I walked into the hotel room were the girls were getting ready there was about four camera men, the bide, bridesmaids and makeup artist Laura Dawson. It was a bit manic, but exciting at the same time. I was doing my best to get a wee squeeze in front of the camera. The funny thing was, I was at the venue the day before at another wedding and to witness the wedding coordinator run about in a panic, shouting at the staff, you better do this tomorrow, you better not do that tomorrow. The BBC will be here tomorrow.

On the day Sarah Jane’s personality was on overdrive, laughing and joking at every possible moment, which made my job a lot easier. So I hope you enjoy looking at my work and have a laugh at some of the photos, one in particular.

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