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I was at Dunkeld House hotel on the 1st May for the wedding of Gillian and Craig. I was really looking forward to this wedding because I had never photographed a wedding at this venue before. It was a gorgeous morning and Gillian and Craig were hoping to get married outside. The weather was changing a bit and the staff were a bit unsure wither to set up the chairs incase the rain came on. The wedding ceremony was at 2pm, by 1.30pm the staff had managed to set up all the chairs successfully just the way the bride wanted it. I think if they had set up inside the hotel and the sun had came out the bride would have been a bit disappointed.

During the ceremony a big gust of wind came up which caused a bit of a reaction with ever body that made all the girls hold on to their hats, but it only lasted a couple of seconds.

But unknown to everybody that gust had blown the tablecloth up and over the table, which spilled a glass of water over the marriage certificate. When it came for the minister to get the certificate and realised what had happened and the guests sighed and I think the minister panicked a wee bit. All he said was wee can deal with that later, but as I stood behind him looking at the sodden wet certificate in the envelope, I though that I have to do something here. So I got a hold of the envelope and tried to get the marriage certificate out without damaging it while everybody was looking over with anticipation. I tried to dry it off by wafting it about and ended up looking like a Morris dancer.

The minister turned to me and said I think wee will have to get it dried off in a cam voice, trying not to panic the bride and groom. I whispered to him that I would go to the toilets and attempt to dry it under the hand dryer. So I put my cameras down and ran to the toilets to dry it. I ran back as fast as I could, walked down the red carpet and held it up “ its dry” and everybody let out a cheer. That was my good deed done for the day and was welcomed with a firm handshake from the minister. You saved the day he said, well that was a first.

The rest of the day went well. Dunkeld House hotel is a lovely venue with the river Tay running alongside it. I managed to get some great shots which I hope the happy couple will be happy with.

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