Brig O Doon

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Pamela & Martin’s wedding day at Brig O Doon

In August 2013 I covered the wedding of Pamela and Martin at one of my favorite venues, Brig o Doon in Ayrshire. Prior to their big day I met up with the couple at the venue for an engagement shoot. I knew after that day they were going to be a great couple to work with, they were full of fun and were not shy to show the love they had for each other.

On the morning of the wedding, I went to the brides parents house in Bothwell to cover the bridal preparation. The house had plenty of space for everybody to get ready. The makeup girl had the conservatory to work in, which gave me some nice natural light to work with. I photographed the brides dress, flowers and shoes in the living room, which allowed me to stay out the road of the girls for a while.

Once I had captured what I needed and drank several cups of coffee, I headed down to the venue to catch up with the boys before the bride arrived with her father.

The groom and the best men were standing at the front of the venue, where the piper was playing. A thought came into my head lets get a fun shot, so I asked the boys to stand with the piper and do a highland dance, the look on their face said it all, but they went along with it and it turned out well.

The whole day was great and everybody was up for a bit of fun, which makes my job so much easier. The grounds of Brig O Doon are stunning, with the river doon running alongside the gardens, which gave us some great opportunities to capture some stunning wedding photos.

At the end of the night I was packing up to go home, on the way out I noticed a pipe band hiding up in one of the bars. It turned out they were there to play for the wedding as a surprise for everybody. The only people that knew about it was the bride and groom, so I grabbed my camera and headed back into the room. Feeling excited and trying not to tell anybody what was going to happen. The pipes started and heads started to turn towards the stairs and entered about 20 pipers and drummers. It was a very special moment for the bride and groom.


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