Wedding photography at house for an art lover

The wedding of Ashley and Finlay at house for an art lover

wedding photography house for an art lover

Close to home and one of my favourite venue’s House for an art lover.

The venue sits on beautiful grounds of Ballahouston park in Glasgow.  It is well known for its wonderful Macintosh interior, which is a lovely touch for your wedding venue.

I arrived at the venue about 1hr before the ceremony started and got some shots of Finlay and his best man. Luckily it was a nice day for the guests to hang about outside, allowing me to get some nice natural shots.

The ceremony was done by Bishop Kevin Pearson in the main hall. I have a funny sense of humour and thought it was a bit like a sketch from Dave Alan, the way the bishop was dressed.

After the ceremony we headed outside for some group shot of the wedding party, guests and some family pics too.

Ashley and Finlay booked the walled garden next to the venue for photographs which can be beautiful in good weather. I spent a bit of time with the couple getting some nice intermit but natural shots, working our way thought the grounds down to the gates at the bottom of the grounds.

Before we knew, it was time to head back in for the wedding breakfast, cutting of the cake and speeches.

Normally I stay for the arrival of the evening guests and the first dance, but on this occasion I only stayed up to the speeches, so it was an early finish for me. 

wedding photographers house for am art lover


Wedding photography at Ingliston country club

Ingliston country club from a photographer point of view.

Being a professional photographer my responsibility is to produce fantastic images from all aspects of the day. I will meet up or speak with the couple before their big day to discuss the final details of their wedding, for example. Ceremony time, who they want in their photos so that no one is forgotten in the couple’s wedding photographs. I find it very important on a wedding day to stick to times and keep in touch with the staff, so the day runs smoothly.

The day maybe a challenge due to weather conditions, but as long as I keep communication going with the staff of Ingliston everything should run according to plan.  Being such an important and memorable day for the couple and their close family and friends. To keep stress levels down, I am always aware and watching for anything that I can do to help out on their big day. The more relaxed my couple and guests are the better the photographs will be.

Being at the preparation while the bride and bride’s maids get ready is a good opportunity to take detailed photos of the dress, flowers of her shoes and all other important keepsakes she may have gathered for her wedding day.  I love to tell a story of their special day photographing all the special moments and capturing the atmosphere and emotions while the bride and her family and friends prepare for the big day.  Throughout the day I am always keeping an eye out for special moments, because a timeless moment may only last in a split second and can never be repeated. I like to give my couple a wide range of different photographs, both formal and reportage.

After the day is over. I will then edit every photograph that I have taken of their day and presented in a usb of their choice.

If you require an album, I will design an album of your choice, telling a story from start to finish.

What do I love about my job.

I have a passion for photography and feel very fortunate to be doing what I do. I am always very friendly and being a people person absolutely love being part of a very special. I love to mingle between family and friends, having a chat and even help guests with their cameras. No wedding is the same and I am so honoured to be part of your day from start to finish.

Why do I like working at Ingliston.

Ingliston is only 20 mins from where I live and is a fantastic location near to the river Clyde and Bishopton. The Salerno suit is my favourite with its art deco design which is great for photograph opportunities both inside and out.  It is a very nice wedding venue offering the choice of two very different beautifully presented function suites.  The Connemara Suite in the main building or the stylish Salerno Suite which has the savoy feel to it.  Ingliston would be the perfect choice for a perfect day. If you like horses, you can have a horse and carriage take you from the lodges to your ceremony and after the newlyweds can be taken a run by the very experienced staff.

wedding photographers Ingliston country club



Wedding Photography Kinkell Byre

August wedding at Kinkell Byre

wedding photography Kinkell Byre

As a small child my parents took the family though to Fife for our summer holidays and because of that I have a soft spot for the East Neuk of Fife. So being able to work in this area is fantastic. I had the privilege to work at Kinkell Byre in St Andrews in August 2016. It was a really nice day, so instead of being stuck on a motorway, I went the coastal route though Kirkcaldy too Lower Largo and the lovely Crail.


At that time of year, the rapeseed fields are stunning, as a photographer this is so exciting finding location after location in this stunning part of Scotland for a potential photo shot with the couple later on in their day.


I arrived at Cambo house about 10.30 am where Ellis the bride was getting ready. This house is steeped in history and was granted to King William the lion in the 14th century. Once I worked my way through the labyrinths of hall ways, I finally found the girls busy getting ready. I stayed there until about 1.30pm then headed to the main venue, Kinkell Byre. This was a working farm in its day and has been converted into a wedding venue.

wedding photography fife


This venue will seat up to 200 guests, leaving plenty of space for a large dance floor. It is a blank canvas for you to decorate it to your taste. On this day the couple brought in caterers and had about five different food stations. Of course I filled my plate from barbecue chicken to grill steak. I sat out the way from the guests on a straw bale which was cool.


The ceremony was held in the barn which was decorated with candles and warm lighting. Because it was a nice day all the guests headed outside after the ceremony which was great to wonder about capturing all the natural moments of their day. After a few wedding party shots, the newlywed couple and I headed into St Andrews with a camper van that they had hired for the day. We headed to the old course, one of the most famous golf courses in the world. It did start to rain but it never put off Sammy and Ellis. Once we waited in a queue to get onto the famous bridge on the golf course, you only get a small window of time to get the shots they wanted before the next golfer tied off. It was raining and the light was not great, but what can you do.


Because of my search of location in the morning heading up to the venue, I asked the couple if they wanted to head out in my car to get some great shots local to the venue. We headed to an old church just down the road which had a stunning rapeseed field behind it, the light was great and it produced some great wedding photos. We spent about one hour driving about looking for some great locations. I was in my element and hope one day I will be back to this stunning part of the east coast of Scotland. It is a perfect wedding photography location.

wedding photography Kinkell byre

Why book a professional photographer

wedding, photography, Glasgow

Why consider a professional photographer for your wedding day


When it comes to planning your wedding day and you start counting up the costs for all the different things it is understandable that you might start looking to cut costs.

However, if you want your wedding day captured perfectly, here are 5 reasons not to cut back on your wedding photography and asking someone you know with a nice camera or your uncle who got a new camera for xmas.

  1. An expensive camera does not take great photos by itself.

What I mean is, a landscape artist uses a brush & a pallet of colours, a joiner uses a hammer and a surgeon uses a scalpel, they are just tools of the job, it’s how the they use their tools to produce amazing results.

You want someone to build you a nice house, you spent a lot of money on your land and spent a lot of time planning. Your neighbour built his first shed and has the metials to build a house, would you trust him to build your house? Of course you would not, most likely you would look for someone with years of experience, and proof of lots of happy and satisfied customers who would recommend them.


2. An amateur can make more work for you.

A professional photographer will most likely have years of experience photographing weddings, knowing the right shots to take, knowing where to be at that right time, a good photographer can be left to get on with their job in full confidence knowing that your day will be captured the right way.

They will also be able to tell what will happen next in the process of your day, because they will know the flow of the day, having found the perfect place for those lovely bride and groom shots, knowing the ideal location in the church with the perfect back drop, your wedding day isn’t a studio shoot where you can take the photo over and over again to gain the perfect shot, weddings are a dynamic event constantly on the go, from indoor where it is dark to straight outside to bright sunshine. With only one chance to capture those once in a split second moments, that you will never be able to repeat.

3.  Feeling at ease

Every wedding is different, but all have the basic elements which may be your wedding party shots, posed moments as well as action shots and natural moments that could be missed very easily. You want to feel at ease and feel comfortable a professional should be able to make you feel comfortable and natural, not feeling awkward, all these moments are part of your wedding day, so why not make it fun and enjoyable. This might come natural to some people but it is a skill and something that can come from years of experience and having trust in them.

If you can feel at ease and be yourself then this will show in your photos. If you are, it means you have more fun, feeling comfortable and not worrying or getting stressed, it should feel as if one of your friends is taking your photos with friends there is no pressure, feeling relaxed and having fun and beautiful natural photos.

4. Hope it does not happen…

Oh dear..!! What if the photographer becomes unwell or can’t make it because of an emergency, they turn around and tell you their computer is knackered and have lost your photos? The worst thing that could happen is you have no photos of your big day at all! A professional photographer will have a backup plan; they will have contacts to call to see if one of them can cover your day. This is never always 100% sure. They will have several back ups of your precious photos.  An amateur may not have a plan B and might not have a back drive or online backup. But a professional photographer has their reputation to hold as for the part time or amateur will just go back to their day job and not answer their phone.

5. chance or choice

It’s your very special and once in a life time wedding day. You only have one chance to capture all the moments of your day, so make sure you have confidence and trust in your photographer.

Your big day is over, and apart from all the memories you have are your photos, photos that you love, photos you can be proud of and want to show to friends, family and eventually your grandchildren. So make sure these are beautilfull memories and not just a book that reminds you why you never made the right choice on a good photographer and how you wish you spent a bit more and invested in a professional.

The Bottom Line

You could buy a cheaper cake and cut a few corners, do you think anyone would know and they most likely won’t remember, after your day the cake will be gone. The cars are away, the kilts have been returned your loved ones and family from Australia are away back home and you might not see them for another 10 years. But now you have siting proudly in your home is your happy memories, wedding photos showing a beautiful story of your distant but happy day, with lots of amazing memories, you will have this forever…


Looking for a great photographer

Looking for a photographer in Glasgow

Gary Davidson Photography  Photo Gallery  Prices

When planning your wedding and you start looking for a wedding photographer, It can be can be a bit of a challenge. Where do you start, Let me help you with some great advise. Always look for a photographer that has the experience in the wedding industry. I have about 20 years of experience in photographing weddings. Do you go for someone via a recommendation; I get most of my work by recommendation.


Cost: what is the average price of a good photographer, I would say about £800 for a full day cover, plus album cost.

Do you go for a photographer that just does it for the money or do you go for someone that has a passion for what they do. I love my job and certainly have a passion for photography, especially weddings.


Every wedding is different, the people that I meet and the amazing wedding venues that I attend through out Scotland, make my job so much fun. Yes fun, after all It’s the your most important day of your life, so have fun and let your photographer capture that. Some of the fun shots that I do at weddings are different and not everybody’s cup of tea. I was working at the Waterside hotel in Ayrshire recently and after doing a fun shot at the bar with the wedding party, I have been told by the staff that they have never seen that before. For me that is good news.

I pride myself in keeping my work fresh and a wee bit different and always open to new ideas.



I offer a total wedding photography package, from pre-wedding consultations and offering a totally customisable service, online gallery, to a wide range of storybook albums.



Your wee one has just arrived, they will never be this tiny again! What best time to start a photographic record from the small and sleepy tots to the cheeky little monkeys.



Offering a professional service for brides & grooms, tailoring the needs for gay & lesbian couples when registering their love for each other in a civil partnership ceremony.